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Type: Local History The exhibition: 7 Location: Shklov, Mogilev region

Shklov district historical- ethnographic museum was founded 27.06.1990/ September 1, 2007 rooms of the museum are open to visitors. A unique feature of the city Shklow is that throughout its history it has changed location three times and at every stage of development has certain characteristics. The total number of items is 5337 items, including general fund is 3296, auxiliary science is 2041. Items are placed in one area of ​​the museum structure of the demo rooms of 400 m2 and presented in a consistent and three peredvezhnyh temporary exhibitions. Shklovsky museum is a center of scientific research, cultural, educational and local history work. On the basis of the museum are "Belarusian Non-governmental Association for the Protection of Historical and Cultural Heritage Shklovschiny" search party "Memorial", scientific and creative association "Know and love your land". Developed and successfully conducting sightseeing tours around the city and the area: "The city in which we live" and "Native land". The Area History Museum includes three branches: "House-Museum P. Aleinikova" in the village of Krivel Museum, labor and military glory "Farming" in Shklov Museum, labor and military glory collective farm. Frunze in the village Lyubinichi.

Of cultural events are held interactive sessions and lectures. Interactive session "Following the mammoth" gives visitors the opportunity to learn a lot from the life of a mammoth - their habitat, lifestyle, etc. Lesson accompanied by a multimedia presentation. Lesson "Hello, Museum" introduces the concepts of "museum", "excursion", "guide", "exhibit", etc.. Exercise is carried out to expand the horizons of visitors to instill an interest in museum culture. Includes a visit to the museum, as well as games and contests. Interactive session "Happy Easter" - lesson about the traditions and customs of Easter. Accompanied by a multimedia presentation, Easter competitions and games. Occupation - a holiday "Christmas Carols at the Museum" gives an opportunity to touch the history of the holiday, to take part in the ceremonies. Visitors have the opportunity to learn about Christmas carols divination, sing carols and play games. Occupation-holiday "touting spring" consists of rites, in which visitors can participate. Interactive session-holiday "Feast of Ivan Kupala" offers the opportunity to touch the history of the holiday, to take part in the ceremonies. During the occupation of visitors have the opportunity to learn about Kupala divination, sing songs Kupala. Lecture "The Seven Wonders of Shklovskis" introduces the history of 7-Shklovskis Wonderland - Shklow coat of arms, the town hall, a mammoth tooth, etc. Lecture "The Great Patriotic War on Shklovschine" - lecture on the war in Shklovschiny, heroes - countrymen, the monuments on the territory of Shklovschiny, in memory of those killed in the war. Lecture: "The beauty and comfort of Belarusian hut" includes exercises using objects of ethnography, gives visitors the opportunity to learn about subjects of ethnography, their use and application. Visitors can also learn a lot of interesting and informative about the interior of the Belarusian hut. The museum works salon-shop, where visitors and guests can buy souvenirs of straw, linen, cloth, clay. There are also magnets, key chains, mugs, plates and other products with the kinds of Shklow.

Note: Saturday and Sunday the museum is open from 9.00 to 17.00.

Photo - Shklov district historical- ethnographic museum

    Exposure - Shklov district historical- ethnographic museum

    1. ”The medieval history of the city Shklow” collections of archeology, numismatics, sphragistics, painting and graphics. This section - one of the most interesting pages in the history of the city, which is reflected in three locations of the city (model "Old Shkloŭ" citadel on Ryzhkovich, "Shklovskaya Hall"), and amended in the windows of the rich archaeological and illustration material on the stands.
    2. ”Ancient history Shklovshiny” reflects the material culture and economic activity from the Paleolithic to the early Iron Age, collected from archaeological sites, which the district more than 70. The most unique and pristine section of the exhibit - a mammoth tooth (150 million years).
    3. ”The era of Zorich” collections of coins, drawing, painting, clothing, household items and ethnography. Hall is presented in the form of a museum installation (military Gentry School, the scene of a theatrical performance and a visit to Catherine II Shklow).
    4. ”Shklovsky”s place in the XIX century” presents collection of paintings, drawings, documents, objects, and ethnography, Bezmenov, documentary photographs that reflect the Jewish material culture.
    5. ”Shklovschina during the war early. The twentieth century” Shklovskaya history of this time is reflected in the museum exhibition with the help of numerous documents, photographs and objects of the era, and the installation of the operating room Tisherskogo, diorama "Shklovskaya MTS" and the installation of a prison cell gives visitors the opportunity to experience the true atmosphere of those events.
    6. ”Great Patriotic War” section tells the tragic and heroic events in Shklovschine about masculinity of the Soviet people, who defeated fascism. She is represented by photographs, Bonistics, faleristics, military equipment, household items and ethnography, these documents and personal belongings of the characters - countrymen, partisans, diorama "Rail war" and the installation of "Victory Day".
    7. ”Post-War and Contemporary History Shklovschiny” in the windows of the hall you can see things are symbols of the Soviet era, photographs and documents, photographs, prints, Bonistics, faleristics.

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    Address 213004, Republic of Belarus, Mogilev region, Shklov, Sovetskaya st., 46 GPS Google: 54.20032′ N, 54.20032′ E