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Slonim I.I.Stabrovskiy district ethnographic museum

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Type: Historical The exhibition: 7 Location: Slonim, Grodno region

Slonim I.I.Stabrovskiy district ethnographic museum - the oldest museum in the Grodno region, was opened September 20, 1929. Iosif I. Stabrovsky is a founder of the museum, a native of Slonimschina, family of military men, archaeologist and ethnographer. In 1939, the museum became a state institution. The museum is located in 9 halls and represented the department of nature and history. Display area halls of the museum is 641 m2. Operates two permanent exhibitions. The total number of museum items is 29,757, of which 25,352 general fund, research and the auxiliary 4,405 items. In museum presents the history of the region from ancient times, its nature. The museum exhibition is rich with unique exhibits: Old Church Slavonic idol tenth century., early printed books and documents, the treasure of the Polish-Lithuanian coins, a bronze bust of Napoleon in 1885, and others. In 2002, together with the Minsk Theological Academy and Seminary was opened showroom "Monastic antiquity: a museum of religious art" in Zhirovichi. The museum organizes lectures, museum studies of various subjects.

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    Exposure - Slonim I.I.Stabrovskiy district ethnographic museum

    1. nature of region the topics: physical and geographical characteristics of the edge, fossils, living organisms remains of Ice Age, fauna and flora of district.
    2. Ancient Slonim represented the most ancient history of the region, at the edge of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the Russian Empire, the period of the War of 1812, World War I, economic and cultural development of the region XVIII-XIX centuries.
    3. urban and rural life presents collections: life and ethnography, clothing, arts and crafts.
    4. Polish period territory in part of Poland, materials of writers and artists of the time, members of the revolutionary movement.
    5. Great Patriotic War represented by defense Slonimschina, the occupation regime, the guerrilla movement and the anti-Nazi underground, Slonim ghetto liberation Slonimschina, materials about the individual participants of the Great Patriotic War, the military chief, a native of personal belongings Slonimschina General N. Vlasik - bodyguard I.V. Stalin.
    6. Afghanistan - my pain exhibits telling the natives Slonimschina participating in combat operations in Afghanistan.
    7. ”Monastic Antiquities. Museum of Church Art ” presented materials about various denominations on Slonimschina, feature of iconography, typography.

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    Address 231800, Republic of Belarus, Grodno region, Slonim, Lenin sq, 1 GPS Google: 53.092793′ N, 53.092793′ E