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Type: Local History The exhibition: 6 Location: Elsk, Gomel region

Elsk Regional Museum opened in June 1976 on the basis of the museum's Glory and up to January 2013 was named  Elski Local History Museum. During its existence, the museum has become a kind Skarbnytsya history of the area. Since December 2004, in a separate building works exhibition hall of the museum. The museum is housed in two buildings of the demonstration area of ​​the museum rooms is 103 m2, showroom is 118 m2. Includes 4 permanent exhibitions. The total number of museum objects on 01.07.2013, amounts to 4396, of which the main fund is 3177, research and support is 1219.

The research activities of the museum aims to conduct ethnographic expeditions to the collection of traditional objects, clothes, textiles, tools and accessories. Collection and study of materials on the history of Elschiny, about the famous compatriots. Of cultural events are held cultural and educational event "Night at the Museum", museum studies: "As people used to live", "Let's look at museum collections", lecture with demonstration movies, quizzes, themed events of various kinds, is also involved in district and urban activities. The museum is implementing aways Yale district center of crafts.

For participation in the regional competition for socio-economic development of Elski District in 2011 among cultural institutions museum was awarded the diploma of 11 degrees, for taking part in the first national forum "Museums of Belarus" Grodno (2012) - the diploma of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus with the participation in a national exhibition of naive art «INSITA-2012" (Vitebsk) - Bachelor Party IV.

Note: In the winter the museum is open from 8.30 to 17.30. Day off - Monday.

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    Exposure - Elsk ethnographic museum

    1. revolution, the Civil War, the period of collectivization photo exhibits and documentaries about the Civil War, the first organizer and chairman of the first collective farms.
    2. Great Patriotic War exhibited materials on the activities of the underground regional and district party committee, creation of partisan units in the district, about the atrocities the Nazis on Elschine, the release of the city and region.
    3. nature of the region are stuffed animals, birds, fish, insect collection.
    4. еthnography and everyday life а collection of folk art district: woven andarak, shirts, belts, aprons, bedspreads, towels. Exhibited materials describing the development of home crafts - samopryadki, ternitz, loom, baskets, etc., pottery.
    5. exhibition of M.N.Zasintsa exhibition of works by the honored worker of culture of the Byelorussian SSR, the native village Medvednoe Yale District M.N.Zasintsa amateur artist (in the collection of the museum 65 works by the artist, photo and documentary materials about it).
    6. presents exhibitions of painting, drawing, arts and crafts, photo exhibitions, exchange exhibitions from the collections of museums and exhibitions on spiritual issues.

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    Address 247873, Gomel region, El”sk, Dzerzhinsky st., 1 GPS Google: 51.806696′ N, 51.806696′ E