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Type: Local History The exhibition: 6 Location: Dobrush, Gomel region

Decision to open a regional Dobrush museum was made in connection with the Regional Programme for Cultural Development Dobrush district for 2000 - 2015 years. For this purpose it was allocated a building, monument of the beginning of XX century, Built by the Duchess Irina Ivanovna Paskevich, as a school for the children of stationery factory Paskevich Princes.

In late 2002, work began on the restoration and reconstruction of the building.

June 5, 2005, with the participation of members of the Standing Committee of the House of Representatives for Education, Culture, Science and Scientific and Technical Progress of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus headed by Chairman V.M. Zdanowicz was grand opening of the museum. July 26, 2006 decision of the Regional Executive Committee Dobrush museum acquired the status of a legal entity, "Establishment Dobrush regional museum".

The museum consists of a main building, a demonstration area of halls which is 263 m2. The number of permanent exhibitions at the Museum: 5, temporary/mobile displays: 2. The total number of museum objects: 6909, of which fixed assets: 5011, auxiliary science: 1898.

Museum annually takes part in cultural events: "Honey Spas", appearance of clubs military history reconstruction as well as organize an Tour City Dobrush and district. On the feast of honey exhibitions of craftsmen Gomel, Chernigov, Bryansk region, the leading enterprises of the city and the region, the performance of folk groups, the organization of trade fairs. During the military-historical reconstruction You can see jousting, period dances, medieval rituals, ceremonies, and more. City tours and Dobrush area conducted on three routes: "Small Golden Ring of Gomel", "Saint John of Korma," "Civil Architecture and cult architecture Dobrush district."

In the museum you can buy souvenirs: the articles of arts and crafts masters Dobrush carvers and craftsmen beadwork.

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    Exposure - Dobrush region ethnographic museum

    1. History of Education Dobrush district Lancaster schools, parochial schools, famous fellow-teachers I. Shamyakin and T.Kiselev, Honored teacher.
    2. Ethnographic heritage of Gomel: regional features Сostumes, household items, culture, customs and traditions.
    3. Dobrush edge. History and development. Handicrafts, stationery factory Paskevich, labor dynasties.
    4. Dobrush partisan s Underground movement, mock partisan dugout heroes Dobrush land, participants of local conflicts (internationalist warriors), mock airfield.
    5. Dobrush porcelain Development of the production of porcelain, a dynasty of artists.
    6. Gallery of Vladimir Prokoptsov Art works of Belarusian and foreign authors.

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    Address 247050 Republic of Belarus, Gomel region, Dobrush, Knyazya F. I. Paskevicha street, 1 GPS Google: 52.426213′ N, 52.426213′ E