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Type: Local History The exhibition: 7 Location: Tolochin, Vitebsk region

Tolochin historical- ethnographic museum was founded on 29th August 1985. On 31th August 2001 museum opened to the public after reconstruction. The museum building is a monument of the civil architecture in the late XIX century (formerly house of I.M. Merlisa, building Zarechye-Tolochin Land Bank). Among the exhibits - the findings of the archaeological site of the ancient and Drutsk other settlements and burial grounds Tolochin district, numismatic collection materials on local history from different periods. Are also presented printed books, paintings, objects of work and life of rural residents of XIX - early XX centuries. A separate room contains materials about the famous countrymen: belarusian artist M.Savitskiy, writers V.Verba, M.Zaretskiy, A.Petrashkevich. Display area halls of the museum is 158 m2. There are 5 permanent expositions and 1 temporary exhibition. The total number of museum objects up to 19,063, of which the main fund - 9, 063 items of scientific and support - more than 10, 000 items. The museum hosts a museum and educational activities using museum articles, lectures and traveling exhibitions.

Exposure - Tolochin historical- ethnographic museum

  1. photodocuments collection includes photographs of XIX-XX centuries different genres, photo members of the First World War, the Great Patriotic War, photographs of town of different periods.
  2. numismatics in collection are coins Rechpospolita, Russian Empire, Soviet Union, the countries of Asia and Africa.
  3. Exhibition hall active exhibitions of funds of Tolochin historical- ethnographic museum, museums of Belarus, private collections.
  4. Hall of ancient history exhibit hall has sections: the territory of Tolochin district in prechronicle era Eastern Slavic tribes in the district, Drouts principality in the Polotsk and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Exhibits archaeological finds from burial ground near Drozdovo, settlements Kiseli-Dymokury, Bagrinovo, Drutsk. Presented diorama "Stone Age", the reconstruction of ancient Drutsk based on archaeological research O.N.Levko.
  5. Historical hall central window is divided into sectors, which are moving away from the direction of the main blocks of exposition: War of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Mоscow state, the revival and creation, economy and trade, the peasants and the land of war and turmoil of the XX century The exhibition hall covers the period from the XVI to XX centuries.
  6. ”Nature and Man” presented dioramas collected a rich material about the main ​​biological communities of district with a description of their ecosystems.
  7. exposition of the hall acquaints with elements of life of shtetl Tolochin late XIX-early XX centuries and crafts, common in Tolochin area.

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Address 211092, Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk region, Tolochin, Pioneer st., 4 GPS Google: 54.408387′ N, 54.408387′ E