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Pruzhany manor-museum «Pruzhanski palatsyk»

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Type: Complex The exhibition: 15 Location: Pruzhany, Brest region

Pruzhany manor-museum- "Pruzhany palatsyk" - the only restored manor house of its kind in Belarus. In 1993 was founded Pruzhansky District Local History Museum. In 1998 the museum was located in the manor house of the 19th century. Has changed the concept and the name of the museum (renamed in Museum-manor "Pruzhany palatsyk"). Since 1999 museum is open to visitors.

Manor - a monument Manor of Renaissance architecture. Is the northern edge of the city, in the park. Urban homestead built in the middle of the XIX century. The ensemble includes a stone manor house, to which the part of the city is a broad avenue, 2 stone outbuildings and park landscape type. Manor house consists of 2 groups of different-sized volumes, combined single-storey housing. In the western part of the compact two-story volume with a bay window to the east adjacent square in plan tower, west - Single-storey annexe with a semicircular porch from the north - a three-storey volume. The eastern part of the manor house forms a two-storey Cover. Yard facade faces the park a large terrace on two columns. Window openings are semicircular arched over. Fireplaces and doors manor decorated with finely traced details. The floors are connected by narrow wooden stairs. The park covers an area of ​​more than 8 hectares. Dominated by ash, alder, hornbeam, oak. Of the three pre-existing park alleys remained one, central, passing through the park from north to south. The park is bounded on the east and north channels and a small pond. Estate Pruzany (Pruzhansky key), among others, former Kobrin economy was donated in 1795 by Ekatherina II Field Marshal of the Russian troops, Earl, P.A. Rumyantsev-Zadunayski. After the death of Earl in 1796 the estate passed into the hands of his successors, the first Nikolai, then Mikhail Rumyantsev. In the 1798-1803 years. M.Rumyantsev handed over the estate to rent Pruzhany povet marshalko (Marshal of the Nobility) F.Grabovski. Rumyantsev briefly owned the estate Pruzhanypriobretennom: soon it began to belong to P. Taymin. At the end of the first quarter of the XIX century, the estate became the new owner of Bernard Shvykovski. Since that time Shvykovski in three generations owned the estate Pruzany. In 1843, after the death of Petr Bernardovich Shvykovski his sons Valentiy Michael inherited and shared their father's property. When Valentiy Shvykovski instead of the old wooden house shown on the plan in 1843, the palace was built. The author of the project Pruzhany manor palace was Maria Francisco Lanzi (1799 - 1875.) - famous Italian architect. In 1863 the estate was described, and the Shvykovski for four years had gone abroad. In 1867, with the estate managed to remove the sequestration and B. Shvykovski returned home. In 1895, the estate becomes the Countess V. Kleinmihel (in marriage Dzhambakurian-Orbeliani). In the estate of Countess did not live permanently in entrusting it to farm manager. In 1905, V. Orbeliani passed most of the estate to rent Pruzany Riga Residents V.Bush for 9 years. In the 1919-1939 years. Orbeliani handed over part of the buildings of the estate (the manor house and other buildings in the yard) povet Starostship.

Halls display area is 408 m2. There are 6 shows, there is a 33 collection. The number of museum objects of the main fund of 5755, research and support in 1187. In the museum-estate is stored in wooden icon XVI. "The Last Supper." The museum pass music and literary events, scientific conference on the preservation and promotion of cultural and historical heritage.

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    Exposure - Pruzhany manor-museum «Pruzhanski palatsyk»

    1. Аrcheology collection consists of 178 pieces.
    2. Weaponry collection consists of 22 pieces.
    3. Grafіics collection consists of 125 pieces.
    4. Household items collection includes 326 exhibits.
    5. Musical Instruments collection consists of 7 pieces.
    6. Рrinted publications collection consists of 414 pieces.
    7. Painting collection consists of 73 pieces.
    8. Сlothing includes 89 exhibits.
    9. Faleristika collection consists of 27 pieces.
    10. Photo documents collection consists of 263 pieces.
    11. Documents collection includes 263 exhibits.
    12. Numismatics collection includes 602 exhibits.
    13. Sculpture collection includes 5 exhibits.
    14. Philately collection consists of 658 pieces.
    15. Exhibition of works by Nicholai Tarasyuk presented numerous articles of straw and wood.

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    Address 225133, Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Pruzhany, Sovetskaya str., 50 GPS Google: 52.565265′ N, 52.565265′ E