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Ivatsevichsky Museum of Local History

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Type: Historical Location: Ivatsevichi, Brest region

March 16, 1993 Ivatsevichi District Executive Committee decided at number 72 on the opening Ivatsevichsky Museum of Local History on the basis of the national museum pioneer-hero Nicholas Goyshika. The building was commissioned in 1946. Originally it was a hotel. In the 20-30 years of the twentieth century. this place was a hotel Basanzona.U January 2009, the building was transferred Ivatsevichi History and local history museum. In 1996, the Brest regional museum Ivatsevichi historical regional museum was transferred to the museum complex "Khovanshchina." He became a branch of the museum (v.Korachyn, Zhitlinsky Village Council). On the museum building a memorial plaque famous countryman, Lieutenant-General, Hero of the Soviet Union Multani M.M. The museum is constantly growing, adding to their collection of rare items. At the moment, the main fund of the museum has more than 4000 objects of museum value. In the museum there are exhibitions of the museum: Exhibition dedicated to the Great Patriotic War "War soldier does not choose", an exhibition dedicated to the 1025th anniversary of the Baptism of Russia. Operate the museum and educational program "Fundamentals of Orthodoxy", "Who lives in a museum". Annually on the last Sunday of May the museum complex "Khovanshchina" held a theatrical tour-story "A Day in the life of the guerrilla unit", action "Night of Museums".

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    Address 225295, Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Ivatsevichsky area, Ivacevichi, Postal st., 7 GPS Google: 52.71715′ N, 52.71715′ E