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The population: 860 people Status: Village The year of foundation: 1003-1044 гг. Vitebsk region, Braslav district

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Slobodka is urban village in the Braslavsky district of the Vitebsk region of Belarus. It is the administrative center of the Slobodkovsky Village Council, which located between lakes Potekh, Nedrovo and Ilmyonok, in nine kilometers northeast of Braslav, in 21 kilometers from the Druya railway station, on the Braslav-Druya motorway. Slobodka is a part of the National Park «Braslav Lakes».

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History of the development - Slobodka

In the V—VII centuries, the main population of the Braslav region belonged to the Baltic cultures, but even then a gradual penetration of the Slavic-Krivichy began. In the IX century, the Braslav Poozerye was part of the Principality of Polotsk, formed by the Kriviches. During the time of Prince Bryachislav Izyaslavovich (1003-1044), several fortified settlements were purposefully built. Thea are at the same time defensive points, centers of colonization, and trade and craft places. Slobodka erected as one of these foreign fortresses.

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Tourism potential - Slobodka

The Church of Sacred Heart of Jesus is a monument of neo-romanes architecture. It is erected in 1903-1906. Historical and cultural monument of the Republic of Belarus.
Water mill (1st half of the XX century).

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GPS Google: 55.679876′ N, 27.189506′ E