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Photo - Boruny

The population: 525 people Status: Village The year of foundation: XVII Grodno region, Oschmiany district

Location - Boruny

Boruny is an agro-town in the Oshmyany district of the Grodno region. The agro-town is located 117 km away from Minsk, 330 km from Vitebsk. The P95 highway (Lyntupy - Svir - Smorgon - Krevo - Golshany) passes through the agro-town.

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History of the development - Boruny

In 1613 Metropolitan Joseph Rutskoi contributed to the opening of a number of educational institutions, including an elementary school for monks and priests in Boruny. In 1778-1793 here was the construction of the stone monastery building, after which the school has become a 6-class.

As a result of the third partition of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1795, Boruny became part of the Russian Empire. After the suppression of the uprising of 1830-1831 Russian authorities abolished the school, and later transferred the Greek Catholic Church to an Orthodox parish.

According to the Riga Peace Treaty of 1921, Boruns became part of the interwar Polish Republic. In 1939, Boruns entered the BSSR. The status of the settlement was lowered to the village. In 1991 there were 168 courtyards.

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Tourism potential - Boruny

Boruny is widely known throughout the country thanks to the miraculous icon of the Mother of God, which is stored in Boruny Monastery Basilian. During the XVIII-XIX centuries one of the best schools in the former Grand Duchy of Lithuania operated in the monastery.

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Location map - Boruny

GPS Google: 54.318672′ N, 26.134833′ E