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Robim Good Brewery – a young ambitious brewery that brews a real product using premium imported raw materials.

The main objective Robim Good Brewery/strong> – to make delicious, cool, local, own, and therefore always fresh beer with responsibility for the quality and purity of style. Take beer culture to the next level.

The quality of Robim Good Brewery beer is guaranteed by Czech Destilla equipment and premium imported raw materials: malt produced in Germany, Belgium and the Czech Republic, the best German and American hops. Produced beer without pasteurization and conservation, which gives it a greater fullness of taste and aroma than the products of large breweries.

Traditions are honored here, so you can always find classic beers in the product line. But at the same time, the company is creating a new history of Belarusian beer, referring to modern styles, trends and technologies of craft brewing.

Robim Good Brewery – brews real beer, awakening taste buds and pride in the local product. Tours are held around the brewery, where guests can learn the technology, as well as taste the most delicious alcoholic product – beer.

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Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, ag. Yuzufovo, per. Pervomaisky, 1