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Not a single Belarusian national holiday is complete without songs, dances and noisy feasts! Carols, Maslenitsa, Gukanne are clear, Kupalle ... Our ancestors walked for several days. At present, the good old traditions are being actively revived.

Cafe «Shynok» offers a unique opportunity to hold a holiday in the Belarusian national style! Of course, walking in Belarusian, with all my heart, in the center of the capital is not so tempting and interesting. «Shynok» welcomes its guests with bread and salt in the city with a thousand-year history - Zaslavl.

Wooden furniture, oven and fragrant smell of national cuisine. The atmosphere of the cafe is permeated with good Belarusian antiquity, which is emphasized by multi-colored stained-glass windows. Professional chefs, true masters of their craft, know that it is necessary to invest not only their skills, but also their soul into a dish of Belarusian cuisine.

In «Shynk» they reveal the secrets of many old recipes. For example, only here you can taste the unique hot intoxicating drink of the 16th century «Krupnik». Like our ancestors, chefs add more than twenty different herbs to the drink!

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Photo - Shynok

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Address Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, g. Zaslavl, st. Sovetskaya, 38 GPS Google: 54.006281′ N, 27.287581′ E