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Type: Industrial buildings Status: Regional value Belarus, Gomel region, Rechitsa district

Solar arrays - a device that turns the light energy of the sun into electricity. The first solar panels were created by the Italian Giacomo Luigi Chamichan. Solar arrays consist of solar cells. Many solar cells are made of silicon, which is quite expensive, because of this solar electric energy has a high cost.
Solar cells are connected in series and in parallel. With a series connection, the output voltage increases, while in parallel - the output current. If you combine two methods of connection, both the current and voltage will increase. Electric energy is accumulated in the batteries and then is given to the load.
Solar arrays are used in aviation, power supply of buildings and settlements, space, medicine, for recharging electric vehicles and consumer electronics batteries.

Solar panels have several advantages:
  • The sun is an environmentally friendly source of energy.
  • Solar energy is inexhaustible.
  • Solar installations need minimal maintenance.
  • Solar panels last long (40-50 years).

Unfortunately, solar panels also have disadvantages. For example, to install solar panels you need large areas; solar power plants can not produce a rather large amount of energy; solar stations do not work at night; Despite the environmentally friendly source of energy, solar panels contain toxic substances.

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Address Belarus, Gomel region, Rechitsa district GPS Google: 52.402817′ N, 30.898167′ E