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Type: Local History The exhibition: 2 Location: Soligorsk, Minsk region

Soligorsk museum is based according to the decision of Soligorsk executive committee № 17 dated 18.02.1976, the open in 1984. The uniqueness of the museum in its interior design. Room structurally resembles drifts in the mine: understated ceiling, visible mounting blocks, rounded edges of the side windows, the color orange-red (the color potassium salt). Artist Anatoly Klezovich.

Display area is 380 square meters, exhibition - 70 square meters, the number of museum exhibits more than 14 000. Among them - stone tools 2 -1 st century AD from archaeological excavations the district, the cultural objects peasants XIX - early XX centuries (millstones, sickles, flasks, dishes made of clay and wood) articles of traditional weaving (towels, tablecloths), the interior a peasant's hut, the patterns of folk costumes. Ethnographic museum collection one of the most interesting and rich. Of particular value are the exhibits of the Great World War II, including Hero of the Soviet Union - General V.Korzh (born on Soligorsk region). Acquisitions carried out to 23 collections: woodworking crafts, bonistics; phaleristics, buttons, military clothing, ammunition, weapons; toys, equipment for games, musical instruments, photographs; art, prints, weaving, embroidery and weaving, clothing, pottery;  metal, watches, weaving, fishing; archeology; natural history, numismatics, real monuments, documents; film photographs.

Exposition museum is located in two rooms and contains nine thematic sections on local history from ancient times to the present day, as well as sections on "Nature and Environment", "History of the city Salihorsk ", "Ethnography", "Social and cultural life."

The staff of the museum is to study local history. Study materials on the topics: "Distant Past", "Geology. Exploration Starobin potassium salts 1920-1950 ", " History of Soligorsk 1958-2009 "; developed lectures on topics related to the history of Soligorsk district: "Heroes Soviet Union - our countrymen ", "A martial places of Soligorsk", "Memorable historic sites Soligorsk" and others to collect materials about Heroes Socialist Labor, honorable citizens Soligorsk, twin-cities, of the first builders, everyday work of the miners. In addition to the permanent collection, the museum offers soligorchanam and visitors numerous exhibitions, accompanied by various events.

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    1. Nature and Ecology hall consists of several sections, special interest section uses "geology", dedicated to the discovery and development of the Starobin potassium salt.
    2. History Soligorsk made up of five divisions formed by category-chronological order: "Archaeology", "Our land until 1917,"  "Our region in the years of socialist transformation (1917-1940-s)," "Our land in the Great Patriotic War (the 1941-1945, ..) ", "Post-war reconstruction and development "(1945-1958), "History of Soligorsk".

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    Address 223710, Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Soligorsk, Lenin str., 5a GPS Google: 52.78945′ N, 52.78945′ E