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Type: Historical The exhibition: 13 Location: Gorki, Mogilev region

Gorki historical-ethnographic museum was founded December 4, 1984. In September 1987 the artists of the Mogilev Plant began creating art exposition and only 1 May 1988 at the Museum organized the first tour for the veterans of the Great Patriotic War. From May to November 1988 was a completion of the museum, and November 1, 1988 the museum opened its doors to visitors. On May 9, 1990 was started to work a department of the Museum of Art - Art Gallery. The first exhibits her paintings became Fund, natives of Gorki district. In 2010, the museum received the status of State cultural institution. To the Republican festival-fair «Dozhinki-2012» for the museum was renovated a building - a monument of architecture of the late of XIX century, included in the list of historical and cultural heritage of the Republic of Belarus.

The museum has more than 9 million units. Scientific and artistic design of the new museum exhibition created by members of the Mogilev Regional History Museum by name of E.R. Romanov. The exposition of the museum reflects the main stages of the history of the Gorki region since ancient times to the present. Here are: archaeological heritage of Gorki region, ethnographic peculiarities of the region, apothecary corner, photographer`s parlor of the early XX century, the history of the Belarusian State Agricultural Academy, the revolutionary events, the establishment of Soviet power in the Gorki district, the events of the Great Patriotic War and post-war reconstruction edge, literary tradition of Gorki land, the development of modern culture. In one of the halls of the museum housed multimedia equipment with the touch screen and the projector. Visitors have the opportunity to watch a video about the Gorki region, as well as an interactive map of the city and the district to take a virtual tour of the most interesting historical and cultural sites in the region.

There are regularly hosts exhibitions of works of art and decorative arts in Gorki historical-ethnographic museum.

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    Exposure - Gorki historical-ethnographic museum

    1. «Archeology» The number of exhibits: 2138 units. Short description: presented the museum items, which was found during the archaeological excavations in the Gorki district, Random finds.
    2. «Mode of life» The number of exhibits: 216 units. Short description: presented the objects from the history of technology, lighting, kitchenware, musical instruments, furniture and interior design.
    3. «Vexillology» The number of exhibits: 11 units. Short description: presented banners, flags, pennants.
    4. «Military history» The number of exhibits: 46 units. Short description: presented military uniforms, hats, military equipment.
    5. «Documentation» The number of exhibits: 309 units. Short description: personal documents of are natives of Gorki district, heroes countrymen letters, manuscripts, cartographic publications.
    6. «Art» The number of exhibits: 311 units. Short description: paintings and graphic works of Belarusian, countrymen artists, members of the Union of Artists, works of amateur artists of Gorki and Gorki district as well as the masters of arts and crafts Gorki region.
    7. «Numismatics» The number of exhibits: 756 units. Short description: Rzeczpospolita coins, metal and paper money of the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, the Republic of Belarus, coins and banknotes of the world.
    8. «Orders and Medals» The number of exhibits: 27 units. Short description: presented state awards of the USSR of war and peace time.
    9. «Printed publications» The number of exhibits: 309 units. Short description: includes books, pamphlets, booklets, writers and poets, natives of Gorki district, newspapers, magazines, photo albums and posters.
    10. «Favors» The number of exhibits: 18 units. Short description: presented gifts and souvenirs given as a gift to the museum.
    11. «Faleristics» The number of exhibits: 1760 units. Short description: awards the natives of Gorki district, a collection of icons of various subjects 50-90 years of the XX century.
    12. «Photos» The number of exhibits: 632 units. Short description: are presented stereo, and postcards of the early XX century with the kinds of slides, black-and-white photographs of famous people, the natives of Gorki district.
    13. «Ethnography» The number of exhibits: 433 units. Short description: are presented household goods, agricultural implements, tools and products Gorecki artisans, towels, details of the male and female national costume Gorki region.

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    Address 213404, Republic of Belarus, Mogilev region, Gorki, Krypskoy street, 3 GPS Google: 54.288222′ N, 54.288222′ E