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Type: Industrial buildings Status: Factories and plants Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Kobrin, st. Soviet, 141

Plastic toys factory Polesye are well known in the market of Russia, Belarus, CIS countries and Europe as a manufacturer of high-quality plastic toys environmentally friendly materials using advanced technology. The company manufactures and sells children's toys that delight children for more than 10 years.

The history of the enterprise begins its countdown to 1998 in Kobrin, where the leased area of 200 square meters of the staff of a dozen people at a single blow machine manual issued its first products - a pyramid. Progressively, from year to year, the company grow in quantity and quality, increased production facilities, improve technology, growing range of products.

Since 2001 Polissya was reorganized into a joint venture with a foreign investor, after which the company started to create products for export to Russia and Ukraine, and in 2007 the quality management system has received European certificate with the same period began the active promotion of enterprise products to the EU market.

Today "Polesie" - the brand that mothers and fathers more than 30 countries around the world trust the most precious - their children. The industrial complex of the enterprise, without exaggeration, is one of the best in Europe in its segment of the market and allows to produce a wide range of toys and household goods. The number of employees as of April 2015 more than 2 250 people.

The company, in addition to the range of its own design, has been issuing licensed products such European brands as: Molto CIA (Spain), Palau Hermanos SL (Spain), Wader Quality Toys KG (Germany), Coloma Y Pastor (Spain), Cavallino Giocattoli Srl (Italy ), Vista (Czech Republic). In 2011 it was acquired the rights to release products and trademarks Cavallino Giocattoli Srl (Italy). Polesie has an active exhibition activities, participating in major exhibitions in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands.

Excursions on the production at the plant in Kobrin will be interesting not only for adults, who since childhood dream to find yourself in a place where they produce toys, and children - they will be able to learn how their favorite cars and designers get life and fall into their children's rooms.

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Address Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Kobrin, st. Soviet, 141 GPS Google: 52.205303′ N, 24.323163′ E