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Baroque (ital. barocco — "vicious", "dismissed", «inclined to excesses», port. perola barroca — «a pearl of the wrong form» (literally «a pearl with defect») - Style in architecture of European countries XVI—XVII has appeared centuries in the Italian cities of Rome, Mantua, Venice, Florence. It is considered to be a baroque epoch the beginning of triumphal procession of "the western civilization». Baroque resisted to classicism and rationalism. Contrast, intensity, dynamism of images are peculiar to style, Airs, aspiration to greatness and splendor, to reality and illusion combination, to merge of arts, spatial scope, unity, fluidity difficult, usually curvilinear forms, scale Colonnades, Abundance of a sculpture on facades and in interiors, Volutes.

Baroque style is extended in Spain, Germany, Belgium (then Flanders), Netherlands, Russia, France, Rech Pospolitaja.